Series of




The software series include 5 modules:

 Broadcast control module

 Direct module

 Network administration module of equipment

 Network administration module of service

 Material management module


1. Broadcast control module


Broadcast control software module cooperate with the Core Server in broadcast, administration and control on re-multiplex broadcast on transport stream, satellite rebroadcast, dynamic data insertion (EIG service, Internet data service and other digital services), output bit rat adjustment, real-time record and insert of transport stream, broadcast network video information.  It has the standard CA interface, cooperate with CA system may broadcast CA information.


       Data stream transmission in network:  Implement send/receive the program stream in the network while broadcast by using RTP protocol; Implement local download of the source material by using FTP protocol.

       The core server cooperates with the media server to implement integration of production and broadcasting.

       Intelligent broadcast management: Each channel can arrange the broadcast schedule flexible according to the independent timetable in a week; Setup broadcast interval within 24 hours everyday; Delete the outdated program automatically.

       A reasonable graphical user interface; Implement the management of broadcasting with multi-terminals in network by C/S control method.

       Consider of the stability for long-time running sufficiently in system design period, set up “device detection?and “system recovery?functions in the hardware and software.

       Precision timing clock display by GPS timing adjustment.

2. Direct module


The direct software module integrate many kinds of resources such as local resource, RTP resource, satellite resource, etc., convenience and speedy produce program catalogs conveniently and speedily in various broadcast modes of sequence, insertion, continuance and replacement and so on.  The direct software module implement the security management mechanism based on IC card identity certification to insure the security while using the software, reserved various external program interface to insure the expansibility of the software.


       Integration of local resource, RTP resource and satellite resource.

       Producing program catalog/guide according to director’s arrangement.

       Convenient and speedy operate method on edit and modify the program guide.

       Succinct and lively program catalog interface.

       Security management mechanism based on IC card identity certification.

3. Network administration module of equipment


The network administration software module provide a powerful and simple software platform for management of the Head-end equipment by digital broadcasting system, accomplish the parameter figuration, network administration, network monitoring and network configurations of the equipment.  It follows the standard SNMP protocol, download and create MIB library automatically and support the compatible and expanding function with other SNMP equipments and network administration software.


       Follow SNMP protocol

       Download and create MIB library automatically.

       Simplified management of equipment parameter

       Equipment login identification

       Equipment abnormal alert.

       Support the expand function of auto switch for heat

       Certification of IC card

       Support the expand function of network topology

       Self-contained log system

4. Network administration module of service


The network administration software module of service provides a simple managing software platform for services and personnel to manage all the services and operators uniformly.  It also has the ability of a detailed log to improve the security of broadcasting, prevent illegally accessing.  The network administration software of service based on SQL database, has highly stability and security.


       Information and level management of operator.

       Service scope partition and operate permission management of operator.

       Partition of software function

       Delivery and management of IC card.

       Identify of user login and software registration

       Log management.

5. Program source material management module


The program source material management software module is powerful software on material collection, downloading, remote management and maintenance.  It can resolve PID parameter and fill in the relevant parameters automatically, support the material upload in multithreading and huge data quantity.  It reserve external program interface to implement the inosculation smoothly with the management software and the database of material belong to the TV station.


       Long-distance management of material resource

       Auto resolve of PID information

       Edit and maintain material parameter

       Upload/download for material in multithreading and great data quantity.



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