The IVM network media server series adopt professional mpeg2/4, Full D1 real-time hardware compress and decompress processor to realize 8 ports real-time A/V encoding/decoding at the same time.  The server adopt Ethernet and SDH private network to realize the transportation on LAN or WAN multimedia stream.  It support TCP/IP and RTP/RTCP protocol, accord with SNMP V3 and realize long-distance network administration.  This product totally conforms with professional IP data switch business in broadcasting and video conference.


Special-purpose industrialized embed host computer, the CPU frequency is up to above 1G.

Standard embedded Linux platform and 8 ports real-time encoding/decoding hardware platform.

Support MPEG2/4 (Full_D1) standard, PAL/NTSC standard and transport stream of DVB standard.

Standard RTP/RTCP; Support SNMP v3

Standard YUV, CVBS and Y/C video interface, balance/unbalance audio interface.

Standard ASI interface and 1G Ethernet/OC3 SDH optical fiber interface.

Special-purpose industrialization frame; Friendly man-machine operation interface;

Double backup redundant power supply and intelligentized environmental monitoring system (voltage, temperature, etc.)

 Technical parameters 

technical index video compress format MPEG2/4
audio compress format MP2,MP3
mage format PAL/NTSC
Image Resolution Full D1
Respond time ≤3s
average bit rate 22.5k~15Mbps

communicate  index

network interface RJ45OC3
network type Ethernet, SDH backbone network
network protocol RTP/RTCP,TCP/IPSNMP, HTTP
fram rate 29.97f/s(NTSC)25f/s(PAL)
video/audio index video input Y.U.V,RGB,CVBS,Y/C
video output Y.U.V,RGB,CVBS,Y/C
audio input balance/unbalanceR+L
environment index temperature 10 ºC~ 60 ºC
humidity < 95%

electric index

voltage AC220v  10


mechanical index

fix method board, 19 inches of standard frameworks
Externality structure 4Uheight


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