Vecast targets to invest to specific cities in China with DTV Head End system, CMTS, VoIP soft-switch equipment and Set Top box to support local CATV operators in the process of replacing analog TV broadcast with digital TV from 2005 ~2008.



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Vecast focuses in the partnership with CATV network operators to build DTV and Internet broadband platform (IBP) on cable network.
Services include to supply high-tech/low cost DTV products (Head end system, SMS, STB, CM, e-MTA, etc.), develop DTV/cable modem market, expand customers, supply DTV program broadcast, Pay Per View,Internet broadband access, and VoIP services.

 Digital TV In Action
Following Vecastís business model, Vecast has built Baoding DTV platform (Baoding city is located 85 miles south of Beijing , with 11 million population). The network currently supplies 60 program channels within Baoding metropolitan area, including 4 cities and 18 counties . It transmits in both analog and digital over its Hybrid F iber Coaxial cable network (HFC). In addition to its digital cable television transmission services, Baoding network offers Internet broadband access and value added services, such as pay per view and data broadcasting through Vecast supplied STB s and CMs .


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