Subscriber Management System (SMS)




SMS acts as an indispensable and important system in digital TV business and developing DTV customer market. Based on the long-term experience of offering solutions for CATV service provider, our SMS provides operator completely subscriber information and billing management, as well as methods, tools, technology, service item, rate, market promotion, etc. It is flexible, open, reliable and efficient system, support operator fast increasing DTV service profit in the domain market.

Ⅱ、characteristic of SMS

u      Support  various business, including DVB business such as PPC, PPV, IPPV, OPPV , UOD, NVOD and etc; also including expanded increment/added value service of CATV operator, such as Internet Broadband Access (IBA) by Cable Modem.

u      Support various payments, including cash, check, credit-card, debit card, auto payment through bank, or payment by combining phone bill etc.

u      Flexible management for various subscriber, including family, corporation, group consumer, community etc. with bank transfer payment.

u      Support customize DTV service productions, including basic channel, extension channel with different rate, and PPV (pay per view), and can supply varies rate for promotion.

u      Control, check, manage, operate and close any customer, and Operator can change any customer rate by management computer (operation terminal), supply most convenient for DTV operator.

u      SMS supply a very powerful customer analysis software module, to assist operator make marketing strategy  for expending customer base.

u      Opening structure, support multiple CA system, EPG system and opening interface of  banks.


Ⅲ、System function module of SMS

1.    Project management module (PJMS)

2.    Equipment management module (EMS)

3.    Production management module (PMS)

4.    Payment and rate tactic module (PRTS)

5.    Account and billing module (ABS)

6.    Subscriber information and value analysis module (SIVAS)

7.    Marketing analysis and balance module (MABS)

8.    System management module (SMS)

9.    Authorizing management module (AMS)

10.  Self-service module (SSS)

Ⅳ、Structure of system





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