Digital Satellite Receiver & Exchange acts to statistically analyzereceive and exchange the 18 ports digital satellite TS/ASI input signals, then multiplex as 3 ports ASI outputs to core server. It is a professional product centralizing the functions of Satellite receiver, ASI input processor, statistical multiplexer and ASI output processor.


Conform to DVB-S/MPEG-2 standard.

18 ports TS signal or ASI signal input.

3 ASI output.

Particular arithmetic to realize high-precision PCR.

SCPC/MCPC, C/KU-band compatibleTUNER real-time analyzes.

SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processor), include 26 high-performances DSP, with total computation ability up to 2.6 billion /s.

Adopting particular ASIC to analyze and process and enhance the performance of the produce greatly.

Standard integrative 8u industry frame; Standard double backup power supply (1+1).

Intelligent environmental monitoring system, including parameter of voltage, temperature and so on.

SNMP v3 network administration; Particular IDOG (intelligent DOG) that makes the produce to be more secure.

Technical parameters

tuner input frequency 9502150MHz
output frequency 9502150MHz
input level 65~-25dBm
input impedance


LNB power supply 13V/18V auto-switch
demodulation QPSK

FEC rate

1/22/33/45/67/8 automatically
RS Error Correction 204188T=8
roll-off coefficient 0.35/0.2
symbol-rate 2.045Mbps
multiplexer standard ISO/IEC 138181
maximum input bit-rate 1200Mbpsserial / 150Mbpsparallel
maximum output bit-rate 210Mbps
interface input 20 digital satellite signal/ 18 ASI
output 5 ports or 5 ports ASI
communication interface 10M/100M Ethernet
power supply input voltage AC110240V50/60Hz
power consume 120W
others operation temperature 10℃60℃
size 8U height
weight 20 Kg


fix method board, 19 inches of standard frameworks
Externality structure 8U height


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