The STB can receive the digital video broadcast in standard DVB format, provide many kinds of multimedia services though embed middleware technology and browser.  The web browser function can provide the receiving of news, market information, life information, EPG ( electronic program guide) and so on.  The program interlinkage and the program schedule downloading function make subscribers to watch the DVB programs and the video/audio contents about information conveniently.  The upgrade online function may cause the operatorís business more flexible.  It has ultra thin appearance and fashion style of electronic product.

   In addition, the STB also embed the upload module, providing a VOD upload tunnel for the subscriber.  It is a family multimedia information receive terminal with low price and high performance.



Store the digital programs that send out from head-end automatically by userís choice.

Auto-detection of 163264128 and 256QAM

Support both PAL and NTSC format

Easy operation.  Support for Chinese.

High quality pictures (up to 500 lines definition)

Hi-fi stereo CD quality sound

Serial Communication Interface for local software update and data communication.

Standard smart card interface for receiving encrypted digital programs.

Low power consumption

Embed HTML browser

DTMF* upload

Video YUV, S-Vide, CVBS output.






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