Global Trend of



  • All TV stations must transmit digitally by 2007 in the US, while worldwide deadlines for digital transmission range from 2007 to 2010.

  • Global digital TV sales in 2004 will reach 15.3 million units from 7 million in 2003, up 118%. It also said prices of digital TVs are declining quickly and sales will leapfrog in 2004. (iSuppli's forecast)

  • Global sales for all TVs will grow from 170 million in 2003 to 196 million in 2008, as consumers begin to replace their analog TV sets. This represents approximately $61 billion in 2003, growing to $86 billion in 2008. (IDC research)

  • Further, with currently less than 20% of U.S. DTV-owning households watching actual HD content, 7.1% of global TV shipments were digital in 2003. This year the percentage will climb to more than 12%, and by 2008, 60% will be digital.

Market Acceptance Of DTV Products

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